Work hard,
play harder!

Are your people aware of the progress they’re making? Do they know how other teams are performing? With our gamification platform your people will go on a journey in a fun way while they're making their team stronger and stronger.

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The idea.

Plot your course

You know your organization can do better. You need change. Plot your course. What's the dot on the horizon?



We would like to get to know your organization, it's people and values too see where you can grow. Together we create a change plan. With this plan we are ready to start the game!


Set sail!

The game has begun. The team progress will be tracked in a fun way and the progress will be visible for the entire company. Now the game has really started!

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Proven methods

The game.
The theory.

TeamNow is based on proven methods and theories. With this solid foundation we know for sure that this will help your employees and your organization to grow your business.

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BizDevOps encourages developers, operations staff and business teams to work together so the organization can develop software to user demand and ultimately maximize revenue.

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Provides structure for how multiple Scrum teams work together on a single product backlog to build an integrated increment every sprint.

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High Performing Teams

High Performing Teams share characteristics that make them excellent at what they do.

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The Tuckman Model

Every team has ups and downs. How you deal with them makes the difference between failing or flying.

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We give you 3 different flavors. What is your taste?
Whatever you will choose; there’s a team behind it!!


  • TeamNow Game
  • Game Master (Agile Coach)
  • Support
image description I like it hot!

You like it hot?

The Pepper package offers everything you need to get started compared with low costs. This is our sharpest option.

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  • All features from “Pepper”
  • + Power BI Dashboards
  • + Data Scientist
image description I prefer sweet.

So sweet!

The Sweet package is a full-service formula where we will work closely with people from your organization. You are totaly in control, without losing precious time on coaching your own teams. We will do this for you.

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We monitor Team Performance and advise adjustments. You implement changes yourselves, or we are involved with a clear objective when needed.

I like some salt


Just want a little seasoning. Our salt option provides you with a little taste what is yet to come.

Yes, definitely!
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Request demo

You also believe this can help your organization to get to the next level? Requeset a demo. This includes:

  • Free of charge
  • Demo at your office
  • An offer you can’t refuse